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The Average Price For Painting Services In New South Wales

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Your home is where you will be staying for most of your life. Thus, you need to make it look its best. If you are building a new home, want to have your home repainted, or you are preparing to sell, or just want to freshen up the look of your home, this article will give you an idea about the cost of painting service in New South Wales. 

There are different factors that affect the cost of a professional house painting. These include the size and scope of the job, the conditions of the walls or surface that needs to be painted, the materials and tools needed, and the personal rates of the company. The average hourly rate for painters in Australia is 440 for a standard house painting job. The cost is estimated to be $35 per hour for simpler jobs and around $45 for more complex jobs.

What is the cost for home exterior painting services?

The cost for home exterior painting varies from different services. There are painters who are paid on an hourly basis, while there are those who charge based  on the size of the house.

House Exterior Painting Service
Cost ($)
Metal paint siding
400 to 2000
Stucco paint siding
900 to 3000
Vinyl paint siding
600 to 2000
Wood side painting
700 to 2000
One storey (46 sq. m to 92 sq. m)
1000 to 3000
Two stories (92 sq. m to 139 sq. m)
3000 to 4500
Three stories (139 sq. m to 278 sq. m)
4500 to 6000
Concrete paint siding
500 to 2000

How much does it cost to pay for colour consulting?

You need to hire colour consultants if you plan to have a major house painting as they assist owners in choosing a theme for their property. A starting colour consultant would cost $15 to $50 per hour while a seasoned colour consultant costs up to $150 per hour.

How much does it cost for fence painting?

Fence painting is similar to exterior painting. The average hourly rate in New South Wales is $40 which could either increase or decrease depending on certain job factors. The cost is between $38 to $50 per hour for complex jobs. Decor8 specializes in fence painting in NSW. 

How much does it cost for roof painting?

The cost for roof painting involves cleaning, preparation, and actual application expenses. Average cost is from $2,000 to $7,000. Cost of labour depends on the number of days to finish the job.

How much does it cost for an interior painting job?

The average cost for an interior painting ranges from $3 to $21 per square meter. This involves the primer, sealer, and undercoats applied on walls and ceilings. The brand and quality of products used also dictate the price.

How much does it cost for spray painting?

Spray painting ranges from $14 to $28 per square meter. Professional spray painters cost $35 to $75. Doing this is excellent as it is much faster than regular painting.

How much does it cost to paint a house DIY?

Performing a DIY house painting can save you between $2000 to $6000.  The cost for an average three bedroom and two bathroom home would be a minimum of $4500 to do the job.

Is it worth it to paint your own house?

If you do not have the skills, stamina, time, and tools to paint your own house, do not perform a DIY house painting. It takes a professional to do a professional job. Moreover, if you are not comfortable with heights, do not attempt to do it yourself as you might be injured.

Being comfortable within your own home is one of the best relaxing situations. Painting a house in New South Wales is an accomplishment as it can bring a relaxed mind when you see its beauty.

If you need professional painting jobs in New South Wales, you can get a free assessment from our company Decor8. We are committed to providing you with the best painting services at a reasonable price. Call us now.