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10 Interior Colour Trends for 2021

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Last year was anything but ordinary, which gives us all the reasons to rejoice and have a good start this year. With renewed energy, it’s a good idea to think of giving your house a makeover and the best way to do that is to look at changing the interior colour. Being the expert in decorating and painting, I have created this quick guide on the interior colour trends for 2021.

Before I talk about the interior colour trends, let’s just look at the importance of how your home’s interior looks. The colours we select for our walls have a massive impact on the character of our homes. It serves as the backdrop to how we like to live in our homes. Colours are emotive and not just purely decorative, meaning they can enhance the feeling and emotions we have about our personal spaces.

Getting the perfect shade for your house can have a massive impact on your mood and well-being. That is why getting that perfect colour scheme for your house is the key to creating a happy home. With our exceptional painting services, we can help you achieve the perfect finish in your homes. Get in touch with us to talk to an expert on 0404 842 708.  Now let’s look at some colour trends to watch out for…

#1. Going Purely Neutral

In the recent years, we’ve seen a resurgence of almond toned and milky neutral shades instead of greyscale. These shades will be very popular this year as people will continue to be staying more time in their homes and these colours create a cocooning, cosy effect. Look for warm neutrals like Mushroom, Oak Apple and Bath Stone. A room painted in these shades will create a restful living pace, bringing out a sense of comfort and calm.  

#2. Serene Green Landscapes
Another shade that will be a hit this year is green. In fact, some say that green is going to be the new grey. Green is synonymous with nature and purity and this is one of the reasons why homeowners are loving it. You can look for velvety dark greens as well as the more creamy, light shades for an uplifting effect to your house interior. Green shades are also perfect for your home office or study spaces as the shade triggers deep thought and contemplation. 

#3. Beige Backdrops
A shade that is making a reentry is beige. As we are looking at warmer neutrals, beige is getting popular once again. We recommend our customers to look for cool, natural beige shades with earthy tones, to compliment calming shades of green. The beauty of beige is that it can work for both, traditional as well as modern homes. It can also work wonderfully with bright, popping furniture. 

#4. Olive Green Notes
My team has seen a huge demand for olive green lately. Just like other shades of green, this one is making a major comeback this year. It is being mainly used for bedrooms, as it can create a serene environment. Olive green is also a great choice for a room that overlooks nature, as it will create a soothing outdoor feel in your home. You might also want to consider paler olive shades if you want to combine it with soft greys.  

#5. Mulberry Tones and Warm Reds
Spending more time indoors, we are all looking for tones that enrich our homes. Warm reds will help create a cocooning effect to help us shut away in our homes. Charcoal greys and navy blues are now a thing of the past and people are preferring plum and warm tones of red. These shades are cosy by the night and chic by the day, giving a luxurious feel to your house. 

#6. Cool, Clean Blue
While navy blue is less in demand, that does not mean there is no shade of blue popular at the moment. Look for calming blue shades that pay a tribute to nature. You can choose watery marine shades to add serenity to any room. These blue shades are uncomplicated and have a soothing effect in the home even though they have cooler undertones. A trusted name like DECOR8 can guide you on finding the perfect shade of blue for your house.

#7. Earthy Tones
Continuing from last summer’s trend, we are going to see an increased demand for earthy tones. People are searching for Terracotta Walls on Google and Pinterest. Rich, warm shades that have a hint of pink, spiced ochre and burnt orange will all work wonderfully in your house. This will help you achieve a flawless and natural look for your home. These shades are similar to the colour of foundations and makeup palettes.

#8. Look for Expressive Tones
Now, it’s not all about natural shades and beiges. 2021 will also be a time for some shades that will shout! To better express your personality, you can look for adding braver colours that create a statement. Think of adding deep shades like Teal, Blue Blood and Plimsoll or warm browns like Muga and Rufus. These can be used to any room along with paler shades to bring out the character of your house. 

#9. Sunny Yellow
Talking about going bold, let’s look at another cheery colour - deep yellow. This colour symbolises positivity, energy, warmth and happiness. You can use this in any room, but it looks particularly good in the kitchen or bathroom. You can incorporate shades of yellow in more muted colour schemes and it will bring out a relaxing environment. 

#10. Rustic Shades
Get ready for paint colours to take a rustic turn this year, with an increasing number of homeowners looking to get shades that will help create a nourishing and uplifting setting. Think of shades like natural clay, light masala, earthy browns. If you have chalky white walls, they’ll look great with rustic colours, mixed with rustic coloured cushions. These shades are both contemporary and timeless.

So there you have it - my recommendations on what interior colour trends to try this year. Contact us today if you’re looking to redecorate your home or even if you just need some advice.