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Your home’s exterior is the first thing that people notice. We know your exterior needs to look at its best. How your exterior looks speak a lot about you as a homeowner and creates a lasting first impression.

But not all painters know how to paint every surface. When choosing a painter for your home’s facade, you have to make sure that you choose a company or contractor that specialises in exterior painting. Amateur painters, inferior products and poor painting techniques will cost you even more money down the line if cracks, moulds, and marks start coming up your exteriors.

Here at Decor8, we have the knowledge and expertise to make our paintwork last for many years. Every home deserves the best when it comes to exterior painting. We have the expertise to make your exterior look stunning with our combined modern and traditional house painting techniques, top-quality finishes, and great products.

When you should refresh your exterior paint job

How often or when you actually have your exterior repainted is a matter of opinion. Mostly, paint provides an aesthetic quality, and some homeowners decide to repaint when they are ready for a new look or colourway.

However, paint also has a protective quality to it, acting as a layer against the elements on the surfaces they’re applied to. The most commonly painted exteriors are wood, stucco, and brick, and each of these holds up differently over time. Also, the prep work and quality of the existing paint job will affect how long it lasts.

What does it look like when a house could really use a new exterior paint job? Look for signs of:

  • Cracking
  • Peeling
  • Chipping
  • Fading
  • Discolouring

Any and all of these can mean its time to refresh the look. This happens most commonly evert 5 years or so, but again this depends on the surface and quality of your paint job. Wood siding can require repainting every 3-4 years whereas brickwork can last (with proper cleaning) 15-20 years before it needs a refresh.


Can’t I just paint my own home?

It’s possible, but it will also take a lot of time and energy if you aren’t a professional with the right tools. This can also be dangerous if you have to go to a higher places, and you should never paint alone for safety reasons. Most professional painters send out teams with the best equipment who are also skilled in the right techniques.

Remember that old paint must be completely removed before new paint is applied. This should be done effectively while also collecting waste for proper disposal. The pros will be much more well-versed in this than the average homeowner.

How to choose the right painting service for your job

You’re looking for experience and attention to detail to start with. Ask any professional painter how many years they have been working in the industry before you take a consultation further. You’ll also want to look into their social proofs and online reviews to see how other customers have rated their experience. They should include photos of a job well done so you can see the level of detail that the painter performed. If not, ask for customer references and go take a look yourself.

From there, you’ll want to make sure any painter you hire is licensed and insured. They will be performing specialised work on your home, and you want everyone involved to have the right level of protection, especially as they climb to higher areas. You can also ask for a guarantee or ask about their customer satisfaction standards in case there is any issue with the workmanship. Remember that most paints have a limited warranty depending on whether they are applied correctly. You’ll want a painter who knows what they are doing and will stand by their work in case something goes amiss.

Call Decor8 for Pros Painting Service

Australia’s harsh climate is one of the factors that cause the exterior painting to look dull and faded. We’re an Australian-owned and operated business, and we understand what type of products and painting techniques to use to make sure your exterior can withstand the harsh climate in Australia.

For a hassle-free, fast, clean, safe, affordable, and top-quality exterior painting finish–allow our highly experienced, skilled, licensed & professional team to help you!

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What are the costs of exterior painting in Penrith?

Just as size is a factor of how long it takes to paint, it is also a factor of how much it costs to paint the outside of a home. Every paint job should be custom quoted based on the amount of area you need painted. This is usually measured out and estimated based on the square metres. With the measurements in place, a professional painter will also consider the materials being painted and the intricacy of the work.

Brickwork ($15 to $45/m2) costs less than timber ($20 to $60/m2), for example, to paint because of how each material takes on the paint itself. Also, if you have a lot of trim work that needs repainting, more time will be needed to edge and switch between paints. The range for how much it can cost to paint an entire house can be between $5,000 to $20,000 depending on all of these factors.

WARNING: You could be paying too much for house painting!!!

Check out our NSW Painting Price Guide to help keep money in your pocket.

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