Apartment Painting

Apartment Painting

Are you a property owner or an estate agent looking for professional painters that can make your apartment or flat look good as new? Professionally painted apartments or flats can not only attract more customers but can also preserve your property, boost its beauty, and increase its value.

Regardless of your flat or apartment size, Decor8 can provide you with apartment painting services that will meet your expectations at affordable rates. We offer professional and high-quality painting finishes using the best materials available in Australia. Painting is our thing, and we can guarantee you a 100% customer satisfaction from start to finish.

For a hassle-free, fast, clean, safe, affordable, and top-quality services, allow the highly experienced, skilled, licensed, and professional painters at Decor8 to help you.

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Top reasons to refresh your apartment paint

Today’s paints are made to last with vibrant colours and a variety of finishes. But if it has been quite a long time since you last refreshed the paint in your apartment, chances are it’s time for repainting.

Paint colours can fade over time, especially exterior paint with frequent exposure to natural light. Finishes like eggshell and satin can also lose their lustre, leaving a dull or patchy appearance as dust, grime, and colour fade take their toll.

These are all great reasons to call in the pros for apartment painting. But so are these:

  • You rent an apartment and need to repaint to return the space to the way you found it
  • You own a number of flats and want to entice new renters or buyers to consider them
  • The colour scheme in your existing apartments is outdated and needs a refresh
  • You’re ready to renovate apartments to modern standards and the paint goes with it
  • Your flat has been the same colour for ages and it’s time for a facelift

DIY painting vs. calling in the pros

Interior painting is an oft-tackled job by residents and flat owners alike, but is DIY painting really worthwhile? There are any number of considerations to take in first, including colors and finishes for ceiling, walls, and trim. Then you need to be able to properly estimate how many coats all of these will need, since that will dictate how much paint to buy. Guess wrong, and you’ll be headed back to the home improvement store multiple times for extra supplies.

Speaking of supplies, if you don’t already own a bevy of painting materials, the project can get costly, and fast. On top of paint, you’ll need trays, brushes (in several sizes), rollers, sponges, drop cloths, step stools or ladders, and painters’ tape, just to name a few.

Then there’s the time it will take. For an inexperienced painter, the project of painting an entire flat will certainly take more than just the weekend. Is that really how you want to spend your free time, anyway?

Calling a professional apartment painting service will take care of all of these issues and more. They’ll be able to accurately estimate the paint needed and have all of the right equipment on hand. They’ll also be able to send out the right amount of manpower so that the job can get done efficiently too.

How long does it take to paint an apartment?

Speaking of efficiency, you’re probably wondering how long it can take to get the job done if left to the pros. This is, in part, a factor of how big the flat is and how much of it you need painted. On average, you should expect it to take 1-2 hour per room, per coat of paint. This includes taping off, protecting furniture and flooring, and the actual coat of paint itself.

So, for a two-bedroom apartment with a living area, kitchen, and bathroom that needs 2 coats of paint, you’re looking at roughly 10-20 hours, or a completely repainted flat in a weekend.

The great thing about hiring a professional service is scalability. If you need the flat completed more quickly, they can dedicate more team members to the project to speed things up. Of course, they’ll be limited by how fast the paint dries, but aside from that, you may be able to get a flat painted in even less time than typical.

What to look for when hiring a painting service for your flat

Asking about bulk discounts is just one question to have on your list when you start the painter selection process. Before you start talking money, you should find out how much experience the painters have in the field as a whole.

You’re likely looking at the refresh as an investment in your home or property, so you’ll want it done right the first time – and experience matters.

As a reminder: always work with a painter (or contractor of any kind for that matter) who is licensed and insured. Extra certifications are always nice, but you’ll need to make sure that whoever is doing the work in your building has the right protection in place in case there is an unforeseen issue. And speaking of issues, it can also help to ask about warranties for workmanship on top of whatever limited warranties you are eligible for from the paint manufacturer.

Spruce up your apartment with the pros at Decor8

From premium paints to experienced pros, Decor8 has everything your painting project needs for a perfect final look. Our company, and all of our painters, are fully licensed and insured, and we never consider a job done until you are 100% satisfied.

Owner John  as reliable, honest, and accurate house painters providing unmatched quality across the region. Before any work is started, we make sure that you are clear on our project plan, materials, and approach so there are zero surprises. All of our work is clean, efficient, and beautiful, so your apartment painting or refreshed flats will have the desired effect.

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